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online personal trainingWe’ll set your macronutrient eating plan and establish the correct progression level for your workout plan. I’ll work through a series of assessments with you and ask you to provide details (and pictures) of the gym(s) in which you’ll be training. You’ll train with bodyweight exercises, barbell and dumbbells (Wendler 5/3/1 style) and only the most effective equipment options in your gym.

We’ll use the Get Fit Be Strong mobile app to load all your workouts, max lift targets, rep schemes, cardio and stretching routines. Each routine is built specifically for you, and each element is integrated into a holistic, long-term vision that is exactly what you want to achieve.

    • Lifestyle review with customized workout scheduling
    • Detailed workout plans loaded into mobile app each month
    • Weight training 3-4 days/week
    • Running & walking 2-3 days/week
    • Major lift progression goals
  • Bodyweight capability progression goals
  • Macro plan, with calorie tracking
  • Regular (up to daily) weight scale check-ins
  • Kick-off phone/video conference
  • Ongoing education and video training
  • Unlimited email support

RISK FREE & guaranteed

We use Paywhirl for client subscriptions, so you are always in charge. Here’s how subscriptions work:

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7 days free.
You have 7 days before your subscription charges begin. Embark on our “Getting Started” process, email with us, schedule your kick-off phone/video conference — use all of our services.


We have faith in our coaching.
If our training service isn’t a perfect fit, you are free to cancel anytime within 7 days and you will have enjoyed all of our services free of charge.

Easy to manage

You are in control.
Our PayWhirl Customer Portal is completely self-service. You don’t have to contact us to manage your subscription, update payment information, or change subscription level.

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