Standards of Strength for Beginners


If you want to get strong and use your body in extraordinary ways, achieving the following baseline standards of strength will be a truly transformative experience.
One of these is harder to achieve than the others… Do you know which one it is?

Treadmill MPH pace conversions


If you’ve wanted to bring your outdoor running training into the gym, you’ll need to understand the correlation of the treadmill MPH setting to running mile pace numbers. For instance,  a 6.0 speed on a treadmill is basically equivalent to a 10 minute mile. Add a 2% incline, and now you...

Fitness App Reviews


We have a new YouTube channel!   Overwhelmed by the number of fitness apps available today? We can help you select the best ones for you! We offer unbiased reviews of popular iOS fitness apps, sharing our experience and helpful tips on getting started. Subscribe to Get Fit Be Strong on YouTube...

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