• My Transformation

    I'm Jason Vagner, ACE certified personal trainer, and Get Fit Be Strong is my online personal training company.


    If I can do it, you can do it. And, I can help you do it.




  • What's the transformation equation?

    Mind over Muscle over Mass.

  • What is Get Fit Be Strong?

    Customized online personal training for men and women at every fitness level.

    Who is it for?

    If you are...

    • Already on a plan and you want to go further;
    • An experienced lifter looking for the next performance breakthrough; 
    • Still trying to figure out how to fit a gym routine into your busy life 

    We tailor comprehensive, customized fitness programs to fit your goals and fit your lifestyle


    Ready to Get Fit?

    The important thing is that you're ready. And "ready" comes in a lot of different forms.

    For some people, it means they've stocked their fridge with fresh produce and they need to know what to do next. For others, it's an emergency or a life event that suddenly brings things into perspective and sparks the realization that putting your health and vitality foremost makes for a longer, happier life.


    For every person who's successfully lost weight, gained strength, and increased their overall fitness, there came a time when they had a moment of clarity, when they realized they had to make some changes.


    However you may have reached that point, welcome to the first step of your fitness transformation journey!


  • RISK FREE & guaranteed

    We use Paywhirl for client subscriptions, so you are always in charge. Here's how subscriptions work:

    Sign up today

    14 days free.

    You have 14 days before your subscription charges begin. Go through our "Getting Started" process, email with us, schedule phone/video check-ins -- use as as much as you want.

    Cancel Anytime

    We have that much faith in our coaching.

    If our training service isn't for you, you are free to cancel anytime within 14 days and you will have enjoyed all of our services free of charge. That's four weeks on us! 


    You are in control.

    You have 14 days after any charge to cancel and receive a full refund. You don't even have to contact us; you manage your subscription via your Paywhirl account.

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  • Standards of Strength: The Beginner

    If you want to get strong and use your body in extraordinary ways, achieving the following baseline standards of strength will be a truly transformative experience.


    One of these is harder to achieve than the others.. do you know which one it is?

    25% of your bodyweight (in sets of 5-10)


    50% of your Bodyweight (in sets of 10-15)


    75% of your Bodyweight (set of 5 reps)

    Shoulder Press

    100% of your bodyweight (set of 5 reps)

    Barbell Squat

    150% of your bodyweight (set of 5 reps)


    Couch to 5K

    Run a 5K

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